My Sky Elite, a basketball skills and development company, was founded by former highschool and AAU coach Darnell ‘Coach D’ Ford. Coach D, a native of Mississippi, moved to Pennsylvania in 2005 due to Hurricane Katrina. Shortly after arriving to PA, he began coaching both boys and girls of all ages which led to the start of My Sky Elite in 2013.

My Sky Elite comes from the old saying “sky’s the limit”. At My Sky Elite we don’t believe that the “sky’s the limit”! We believe “OUR SKY IS LIMITLESS”! Through hard work and proper preparation anything is possible!!

When you train with My Sky Elite you will certainly become a better basketball player. While getting better on the court, we stress the importance of being a STUDENT first. Being a student-athlete requires a lot of hard work and discipline. We are dedicated to helping every player no matter the age. We understand pre-teen/teen years are the most important years of development so join our program and allow us to help you get through it! OUR SKY IS LIMITLESS


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